How To Light A Bathroom

Your Quick and Easy Guide On Choosing Bathroom Lights

As one of the most used rooms of a home, correctly lighting a bathroom is imperative to creating a functional and beautiful space. Here are a few of our favorite tips for when you’re choosing a bathroom light fixture!

1. Know Your Light Fixture Categories

Light fixtures in a bathroom typically fall into one of four categories: Vanity lights, bath bars, wall sconces, and hanging pendants. The appropriate type of fixture depends on several factors, including the size of the space, the natural light available, and the desired design.

2. Don’t Forget Lighting Function

Functionality is the highest priority in a bathroom. The lighting should illuminate the space so that daily hygiene and grooming activities can be completed thoroughly. Bath bars, vanity lights, and bathroom sconces all provide light that allows for grooming activities and fills the entire space. Bath bars and vanity lights are hung above the mirror, which casts a downward glow. Bathroom sconces that are hung on the side of mirrors, which provides more direct light to the face, but can also cause shadowing.

3. Choose the Correct Light Fixture for Your Space

It is imperative to choose the correct fixture for your unique space. Proper hanging height, number of lights, and choosing the correct bulb and color temperature are all factors that must be considered when deciding on a light fixture.


Overpowering brightness can be harsh on the eyes and make some tasks more difficult, while too little light can pose a tripping hazard. Various glass and fabric shades, along with LED lighting, and dimming systems all ensure your bathroom will be well lit and beautiful.


Whether your style is modern, traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, industrial, or rustic, there is a bathroom lighting fixture to fit your style and budget. Our design experts are here to guide you in your search to find the best bathroom light for your space.