Our Story

An American Dream

Like all great American stories, The Light Brothers has a history rooted in hard work and innovation. Arriving from Sicily in the late 1800s, three brothers set their sights on making it in America manufacturing brass beds. Shortly after their arrival, the world was introduced to one of history’s greatest innovations: the electric lightbulb.  Recognizing the significance of this new technology, the brothers pivoted their business and began manufacturing lamps and light fixtures instead. Within a few short years, their business had taken off. 


Just after the turn of the century, the brothers moved their growing business to Chicago. In 1903, they opened their first retail store on the corner of Lake and LaSalle Streets, where the business continued to thrive. For the next seventy years, the business continued to serve the Chicagoland area in various locations. In 1982, The Light Brothers moved to its current location in Lombard, IL, where it has become a mainstay business in the community. 

Lighting The Way

At The Light Brothers, we are here to serve you and your lighting needs. Our selection is composed of the most respected brands in the industry, ensuring each light we sell is of the highest quality at the best price. Offering a massive selection of lamps, lighting fixtures, and ceiling fans, we work with our clients on an individual level to find the perfect lighting solution for their home, office, or business. Our design specialists provide expert insight to help you find the perfect style and scale for your space. The Light Brothers strives to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality lighting solutions and a superior customer experience. 


To this day, The Light Brothers continue the tradition carried across an ocean by the Vivirito brothers over 100 years ago. Still a family owned and operated business, The Light Brothers is dedicated to serving communities in the Chicago suburbs, as well as the continental United States, by providing personalized customer service and top of the line quality. Building relationships with individuals, communities, and our contractor partners is of the utmost importance, and it has helped us earn our reputation as one of the most trusted lighting retailers.