Wall Lighting Experts

Since 1903, The Light Brothers have been lighting up your homes with the best lighting fixtures, accessories, ceiling fans, and more to best show off your personal style.


Still working as a family-owned and operated business, we are dedicated to serving our customers with the top lighting brands and personalized customer service, making The Light Brothers the perfect place to turn when you’re in need of decorative wall light fixtures.


So, how do find the right wall light fixture for you?

Designer Wall Light Fixtures

With so many different options, it’s best to start narrowing your wall light fixtures down by what room they’ll be installed in and what finish you prefer. Luxury wall light fixture finishes can range from black to brass, bronze, nickel, chrome, and many more. It’s common to match your finishing to the rest of your furnishings and appliances, luckily we have plenty of options to choose from.


Next, you can decide what type of lighting will best illuminate your space. Whether you want ambient or task lighting will depend on what room you’re placing the designer wall light fixture in and what its primary purpose will be. Ambient lighting is typically an open or upward-facing shade that provides lighting for the entire space and brings out a more high-end look. Task lighting, on the other hand, has a downward-facing shade to properly illuminate your daily activities.


In bathrooms or offices, you need to see exactly what you’re doing to perfect your makeup look or get your work done for the day, making task lighting perfect for the job. However, ambient lighting is just the thing you need for your hallways and living rooms making wall lighting important for your home.


Once you’ve determined what type of lighting you need, all that’s left is to search through our options for a wall light fixture that fits your taste. Happy hunting!