Legrand adorne Under-Cabinet 9" Cuttable Short Modular Track with 1 Outlet


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The adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting and Power brings an array of modular components that swap out so easily, you’ll want to reconfigure whenever the mood strikes. From speakers and smart phone docks to lighting and outlets, there’s a world of possibilities to choose from with these high-tech, highly convenient building blocks. The system is a fully customizable and modular solution for eliminating kitchen clutter. It is compatible with any kitchen layout, such as a galley, L-shaped or U-shaped, as well as with any home wiring.
Perfect for shorter cabinet sections, this under-cabinet track includes a standard outlet – no Control Box required. Part of the adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting and Power system.
Short Modular Track – For use with narrow single cabinets. Back feed power from inwall wiring.
Unit is 10 1/4" in length with end caps. Available in titanium (APST9TM1) or white (APST9W1).


  • Perfect for eliminating countertop clutter and creating a more functional kitchen counter space in spaces with shorter cabinet sections
  • Modular track is 10 in. L but can be cut down to 8 in. to fit a smaller cabinet section, allowing you to create an under-cabinet system custom-designed for your kitchen
  • Short modular track includes 1-outlet module and can support 1 linear LED light
  • Tamper-resistant outlets feature patented shutter-system, keeping children safe by preventing them from pushing small objects into the outlets
  • Adorne short modular track is mounted to the wall underneath kitchen cabinets, all required hardware is provided
  • Each under-cabinet lighting system must include a control box that is either hardwired to existing wiring or plugged into an outlet on the backsplash
  • Designed for use beneath shorter cabinet sections.
  • Originates at 10" in length, but can be cut down to 8" to fit a smaller cabinet section.
  • Enables direct wire connection to wiring behind the wall. Cannot be connected to any other modular track segment.
  • Includes one outlet module and can support one Linear LED light.
  • Installs in 30 minutes or less.

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