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Globally-inspired and infused with bright colors, patterns, and a lot of visual interest to create a relaxed aesthetic.
Defined by relaxation and comfort, coastal design has become one of the most popular decorating styles in the United States.
Contemporary style is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines.
Glam design is the embodiment of luxury and splendor. A mixture of enticing textures and eye-catching decor, Glam style features chic details like shag rugs, tufted upholstery, and mirrored surfaces.
Classic industrial style strives to bring the look of an industrial building home with features such as high ceilings, exposed beams, and metal accents. From converted factories to rustic lofts, this style is all about creating a streamlined design with mixed materials.
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Defined, rustic style is a design emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. It embraces nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colors, and ultimately an unpretentious, organic warmth.
Traditional style is the epitome of comfort, harmony and order, where everything matches and nothing is jarring to the senses. It welcomes with warmth and familiarity.
Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics equating to a classic, timeless design. Furniture lines are simple yet sophisticated, featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles.